Financial Workshop Returns for 2021!

Special invitation to our pasifika families and communities:
This workshop introduces tools and strategies that you can share with your learners to help them make informed decisions about money, and to develop their financial planning skills. To create the awareness of the various aspects of one’s financial life and shows you how to be and stay in control of your money.

Topics covered

The workshop covers:   

  • Cultural identity and Money Understanding your own personal relationship.
  • Needs and Wants / Money Goals
  • Keeping Track Recording expenditure / Debt Understanding Good Debt and Bad Debt
  • Borrowing Sensibly / Saving
  • Get a Fair share Money Path and plugging into our community
  • Paying it forward Achievements

The learning outcomes

At the end of this workshop participants will have a better understanding of: 

  • How Pacific communities view finance/money  
  • The role of spirituality in finance decision making   
  • Cultural obligations and why they are important   
  • The principle of prioritising obligations.

Please register by Thursday 13th May to confirm your spot in the course and for catering purposes 


To confirm your registration for the course please contact
Tupou or Ula via 📞 phone: 07 347 7217 
Email: 📧 or

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