Whanau Ora

Whanau Ora is a family centered approach to strengthening the wellbeing and future of Pasifika families

Whanau Ora will put you in your place! It will test you! You are the decision maker HERE. We have navigators ready to support you and work alongside you every step of the way from setting goals and reaching them to the best of your ability. This programme is life changing for thousands of Pasifika families around New Zealand. Yes, we work with families with high needs and can give assistance to those with low needs. Building and Strengthening families in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Assessment must be completed to see if you are eligible


  • ECONOMIC – Living financial free: The goal of pasifika families enjoying a comparative lifestyle that is not hindered by financial constraints.
  • EDUCATION – Lifelong Learning: The pathway to prosperity is through succeeding in education and developing skills for employment.
  • HEALTH – Living longer and better: Improving wellbeing and encouraging independence and health literacy.
  • LEADERSHIP – Leadership, safe living environment: Development of safe, healthy and violence-free living environments.

To register for assistance please complete a registration form here: https://rotoruapacificislandstrust.co.nz/register/