Founded in April 2000, the Rotorua Pacific Islands Development Charitable Trust was setup to ensure Pasifika people achieve success in every area of life.


RPIDCT works with our communities toward a vision of “Moving Pasifika People Forward”.  We are a Charitable Trust based in Rotorua where we provide Health, Education and social services to Pasifika communities. 

Services & Programmes

Essence of the Pacific Early Learning Centre: We operate Early Learning Centre for Pasifika communities and other ethnicities who wish to use our service. Our Early Learning Centre offers a supportive learning environment, which reflects the essence of the Pacific where everyone is welcome, and where our Pacific languages, culture and identity are nurtured and celebrated. We are a licensed Early Learning Centre where teachers are passionate about early learning opportunities.

Social Services:  We delivered Whanau Ora programmes to help Pasifika families achieve their aspirations.

Health Services:  We support Rotorua Pacific people to ensure they are enrol with primary GP, attend Dr. Appointment and ensure right prescriptions collected accordingly.  We provide blood pressure and diabetes check for Pasifika community.  Monthly health Fono including immunisations, cervical screening and other specialised service from Registered and Experienced Nurses.

Ready to Rent: Workshop. How to effectively enter into the rental sector and barriers around renting. Tenant & Landlord Responsibilities.

Fit Fusion: The Whanau Ora Families 6-week Exercise Challenge is designed to bring about a range of positive outcomes for the participants, their families, and the broader community. This program is designed for families, and we anticipate that the shared experience of the challenge will lead to stronger family bonds, better communication and a shared commitment to health and wellness.

Rokovi Ira Programme: Improving the support, Education of health, Healthy lifestyles, technology and adapting cultures for Pacific elderly people in Rotorua.

Talanoa Ako: We provide Talanoa Ako program to empower parents and families on how to understand their children’s learning. Parent focused workshops to discuss the importance of NCEA and to educate parents around your children’s academic future.

Youth Service: We try to encourage active participation of young people, it is crucial for their holistic development and the well-being of their communities. When young individuals engage actively, they not only contribute to their personal growth but also play a pivotal role in the progress of their communities.

Mens Programme: A 16-week programme developed specifically for Pasifika men to develop and gain life skills that will enhance their wellbeing. This programme will feature special guest speakers who will assist in supporting the men to develop the skills needed to foster healthier family environments.

Annual Events

Pasifika Cultural Celebration / Festival